We're global citizens and choose to use a socially-conscious business model to give back. Look Good. Do Good.

Proof Eyewear is a small, independent eyewear brand that was founded in 2010. We have been pioneering wood and sustainable eyewear ever since then, and all of our products are created with this mindset of sustainability.

From sustainably harvested wood to eco-friendly and biodegradable acetate, to recycled aluminum; all of our frames carry this feature of sustainability.Along with this, Proof Eyewear is also committed to making a positive impact in our local & global communities through our Do Good initiatives. Since our start in 2010, we’ve helped provide tsunami relief in Japan, child soldier rehabilitation in Africa, and reforestation in Haiti. In 2013, we embraced the idea of donating funds on a project-by-project basis. That year, we started by donating funds to build two eye clinics in India, which continue to provide sight–giving cataract surgeries to those in need. We have also traveled to a number of other areas around the globe where we have gone to fund eye clinics and other various community projects. These places include El Salvador, Philippines, Uganda, Nepal, and Peru. We have also donated money to The Nature Conservancy to help fund conservation here in the US. But in 2021, we shifted our focus to reforestation efforts and have partnered with the Eden Reforestation project to achieve this. Now, for every frame purchased, five trees will be planted in areas in Africa.

Health + Vision

We make Health & Vision initiatives a priority on all of our Do Good projects. This includes hosting health screening clinics in underprivileged countries, sponsoring cataract, club foot, and cleft lip surgeries and providing glasses to those in need.


We focus on Empowerment projects aimed to provide solutions that won’t pay off a problem temporarily but will facilitate permanent change in people’s lives.  Previous initiatives include sponsoring micro-loans for entrepreneurs in vulnerable populations, supporting women & children in Safe Houses, and leadership building workshops in orphanages. 


The Environmental protection efforts around the world ranges from reforestation efforts to the protection of wildlife reserves. Sustainability is one of Proof’s founding principles, and we continue striving to reduce our environmental impact.


We focus on Education initiatives with each of Proof’s Do Good projects. This includes everything from covering school enrollment fees and supplies, reconstructing school buildings, leading entrepreneurship classes and more. 


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Do Good Program - Current Updates

  • The Peru Project // Maart 2019
    The Peru Project // Maart 2019

    HET PERU PROJECT // MARCH 2019 een terugblik. We planten onze wortels stevig in het geloof dat "iedereen vleugels heeft om te vliegen, sommigen hebben alleen een beetje hulp nodig". Dit principe voedt ons jaarlijkse Do Good Programma; het ondersteunen van mensen en plaatsen die wat meer hulp nodig hebben. Door onze samenwerking met HELP International, Art of Visuals, en onze Proof-klanten, zijn we op 7 en 17 maart naar Peru gegaan voor ons 8e Do Good project. 6,9 miljoen Peruanen leven momenteel in armoede, waarvan 44% op het platteland van Peru. 

  • The Nepal Project
    The Nepal Project

     Bij Proof Eyewear hebben we de volle overtuiging dat "iedereen vleugels heeft om te vliegen, sommigen hebben alleen wat hulp nodig" Dit is de hoeksteen van ons Do Good programma ; Mensen en Plaatsen ondersteunen die een beetje hulp kunnen gebruiken. Door de samenwerking met HELP International en dankzij de klanten van Proof Eyewear, hebben we vrijwilligerswerk gedaan, gereisd en gedoneerd aan diverse projecten over de hele wereld. Voor het zevende jaarlijkse project van 10 - 26 November 2017 was de keuze gevallen op Nepal.

  • The Uganda Project
    The Uganda Project

    Photo courtesy of Travis Burke, @travisburkephotography THE UGANDA PROJECT Hosting eye clinics, spending Thanksgiving in an orphanage, witnessing life changing surgeries, creating memories - Uganda changed us for the better.Explore The Uganda Project Video & Travel Journal to learn more.   VIDEO  TRAVEL JOURNAL  Shop The Uganda Project Shirts

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